South Korean mobile carriers are also offering replacement/refund plans to their Galaxy Note 7 customers

Everyone is looking to do well by their customers when it comes to the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units and in the United States already, mobile device carriers such as T-Mobile and have launched a programme where their customers can get a full refund on their units.

In South Korea now, some other carriers have also started to implement the same plan and the likes of SK Telecom, KT and LG Unplus have also started to give back their customers their money in exchange for the faulty smartphone unit.

According to reports coming out of South Korea itself, the refund programme was launched not quite long ago and it is expected to run till a window of September 19.
In the list of options to consider, note that customers have also been given the choice of going for a replacement instead of demanding their cash back outright and for the customers that go for this option to have their Galaxy Note 7 units placed, they would wait till about March in next year.

From claims, we have heard that the people of this good country prefer the replacement option to getting a refund.

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