Stagefright Security Flaw Dangerous To Android phones

For the information of our readers, the security flaw that was discovered on Stagefright is theoretically dangerous, but for the record this has not been that risky during its execution.

Stagefright Security Flaw Dangerous To Android phones

The NorthBit based Security researchers developed a concept proof with the reported Stagefright exploit, this exploit compromises potential Android phones. The key is back and forth process that gauges device defense before the attackers can dive in.

So the attack process is simple, if an android user visits a website attached with malicious designed video, the attack will then crash the accessed user’s Android Server, it will send data then to the attacker, perhaps sending another video file, then it will collect sensitive security data and then will deliver last video file that will then infect the android device.

The attack may sound laborious, but in this way it really works quickly, just a typical android attack breaks a phone just in 20 seconds, while most attack targets Nexus 5 with a stock firmware, known to work on customized Android variant that is found on phones like HTC One, the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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