Stephens DesignStudios Custom 3 Android

As one of Android fan, I recently initiate my path into accumulating some Android collectibles from Dead Zebra. For most who does not know, Dead Zebra has been making official Android figurines for a quite year now.

There is not really much to these collectibles that I used to collect, except that personally they are fun, and great way to show ones love for Android for me as a fan. Dead Zebra collection always limited in production, but you can still buy one at $7.50 up to $10. The simple collectibles aren’t expensive, and the limited production runs sometimes make these stuffs highly valuable with some selling over hundred dollars.

While I personally love collecting these Android collectibles from Dead Zebra, I came across a designer located in California who creates custom Andrew Bell Android collectibles. Matthew Stephens has been a designer in Vinyl community for 10 years now and has storefront on His store, is at StephensDesignStudio where he offers one of a kind figurines where he gets to use his unbelievable inventive creativity.

I ordered custom 3″ Android at $65. $55 more than standard Dead Zebra Androids prices and I asked him to create AndroidGuys figurine of myself.

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