Steve Wozniak praises Apple Watch, says himself and millions of others will buy

When “The Woz” talks tech, meh, everybody has got to listen. This man promised us that the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were so good, and months after the phones were released, Apple had record-breaking sales and revenue following the sales of devices which Woz as declared “should have been made three years ago.”

Steve Wozniak with Apple iPhone
Steve Wozniak believes that the Apple Watch is a “little piece of art” and will be loved by everybody including the “hip, camp areas” where the Watch will have become an instant hit in sales.

Talking of the health features on the Watch, the now retired technician and Apple co-founder ignited, “Look at how many people have diabetes,” he said. “If this thing’s actually measuring blood sugars and monitoring them all day long, oh my gosh, there’s a built-in niche market that’s huge already.”

Wozniak is not alone in these speculations. According to JP Morgan’s analyst Rod Hall, the Watch will be responsible for billions of dollars in revenue earned for Apple this year, selling more than 26 million copies before the end of the year. Companies like BuzzFeed are already planning on spending big on the smartwatch. The entertainment news site will dole out about $245,000 for 700 units of the Apple wearable which will be given to its employees for their record profit last year.

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