Stop MTN from sending unwanted/spam/promotional SMS to my phone

It can really be a very disgusting experience receiving countless SMS from MTN daily.

This is especially when you are expecting a goodnews message from your loved ones or a your are expecting an alert from your bank, citing a deposit ito your account, only for you to realize its a  spam SMS from MTN!

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However, some of these SMS are not from MTN. They are processed via MTN servers but not all of them comes to your phone directly from MTN.

You will notice that most of those disturbing SMS are from numbers like “33156”, “4100”, “10425” and the likes. If you are being disturbed daily with these SMS, then worry no more. In this article I will share with you how you can totally stop receiving those disgusting SMS on your phone.

Follow the below instructions to stop MTN spam messages
From the message menu of your phone, tend STOP to 33111.

Stop SMS spam
Almost immediately, you will receive a message saying “Your number has been removed from MTN promotional Database”.

Now you can enjoy and flex with your mobile devices having MTN SIM card in it, without bothering about unsolicited and unwanted messages from MTN.

Kindly share this post with your friends and family members on the MTN web so that you all can be free from MTN  disturbance.

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  1. I have tried to stop it the way I was told but it won’t stop.. What must I do mtn messages are so annoying seriouly

  2. pls, stop my line from receiving mtnplay service which I don’t even activate on my line and they remove #50 from my account.

  3. hi please I don’t want ads on my phone they are disturbing me when I want to read my bible there comes unecessary ads that I don’t even know where come from please help

  4. how can i stop mtn play for deducting #50 from my airtime every week for a message i dont even ask for please solution am tired

  5. Since i migrated to mtnbetta talk, they good in bonus, but intens of acct. There are criminals, there are deducted my balance daily till it’s empty. I called 180 which their centre num there give no responsed, like especially yesterday. So i tried my best stop this ”but i couldn’t, that why i ask the internet before i relogate.

  6. It doesn’t work. I tried it and I was told that I would be removed from promotional database within 24hrs. But alas, nothing happened. I’m still receiving many unsolicited messages and calls till moment.

  7. 100# is being taken from my airtime from time to time for an sms I didnt request for,how do I stop that?

    1. i’m tired of my 30naira been deducted always from my mtn sim and i want it to be deactivated as fast as possible

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