Stylus DAB+ From LG launched In Australia

LG launched its new budget device in Australia the Stylus DAB+ with built-in digital radio as main calling card.

Stylus DAB+ From LG launched In Australia

Stylus DAB+ launched by the company and Australian Commercial Radio in Sydney, the smartphone has a suggested price tag of AU$449 and it provides access to over 30 digital radio stations free.

“We are delighted that Australia is one of the first countries in the world to get the LG Stylus DAB+,” said by Gino Casha general manager of sales an operation in Australia.

The Smartphone is unique as it offers something unique that no other smartphone has, introducing the Built in Radio. Customers can now enjoy amazing broadcast streaming experience in a device that is affordable much affordable.

DAB+, is an upgraded version Standard Digital Audio Broadcasting, that broadcasts radio throughout Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with regional areas added on the next year.

The LG’s Stylus DAB handset provides access to radio once a user plugs the headphones, which also function as antenna. Digital Radio Stations can be selected with the use of Digital Radio app, as usual the station displays the information on the screen.

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