Survey on Smartphone Users Reveals they Spend More on Texting Than Entertainment

A recent survey conducted in New York reveals that smartphone users spend much time on seeking entertainment than using their device in texting in order to connect with their friends and family, this was according to a recent study.

Survey on Smartphone Users Reveals they Spend More on Texting Than Entertainment

The said survey was conducted by a United States based media and consumer research company the GfK MRI from the month of September to November of 2015, found out that almost 22 percent of time spent on smartphones was devoted purely to games, web surfing, music and watching online content was same proportion devoted to texting.

The researchers around 5,900 respondents who are smartphone owners, they are then ask on which smartphone activities most important to them in the morning.

Most of the respondents mentioned texting around 67 percent, but placed entertainment apps like streaming music services above Twitter and other well known social platforms.

Phone calls accounted for 22 percent, while social media and emails accounted 10 percent of the respondents’ time.

The recently study on Mobile revealed that roughly 39 percent of smartphone owners either ardent mobile embracers, 24 percent who integrate their personal smartphones into their lives, or entertainment seekers 15 percent, the young who are drawn to mobile gaming and watching streaming video.

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