T-Mobile gets the Nougat rolling out to its LG G5 users


In the space of a very few days, we have been able to see the Nougat update hit a variety of devices and the latest one that keeps spreading is the Nougat bump that is being sent out to the users of the LG G5 across a lot of carriers.


We have seen that the users of Sprint have been treated to this new taste. Already, the T-Mobile lovers have also followed the train and the latest addition to the family of carriers in the US that are getting the Nougat up and running on the G5 is Verizon, mere hours after the rollout started on US Cellular.


From the confirmations that have been going around among the users of the device, it sees that it started to roll out today and if you would be getting it, it is very advisable that you go for a Wi-Fi connection because it weighs in at a massive 1.6GB and that would be a lot of additional mobile data costs if you opt to go the other way.
From the changelog that accompanies the update, you can see some of the changes that has been made to the device as a hole such as the introduction of a download app from Google to replace the position earlier held by LG and also, an option to keep deleted files in the trash for up to 7 days after which it would be permanently deleted.
In all, this is an OTA update and might take a while before it hits your device but never panic for one second because its surely coming in.

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