Teasing Revelation for Rumored April Release for HTC 10

After the struggled take of HTC’s M9 last 2015, the company is now desperate to create a big hit in the mobile arena.

Teasing Revelation for Rumored April Release for HTC 10

Based from so many post related to HTC’s next flagship device, the company obviously teasing its fans for its next Smartphone device this year, called HTC 10.

To the record the company has been secretive to its handset’s specifics. Somewhat we found out rumors that could give you some idea of what to expect with HTC 10 Smartphone device..

The device is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon due to ongoing healthy relationship with HTC. Samsung S7 and LG’s G5 was recently launched with same chip in its device, these devices as capabilities of handling virtual reality headsets; this means that this will be perfect for its HTC Vive.

HTC 10 expected to be built in 5.15-inches, compared to 5 inches HTC M9. HTC 10 comes with 4 gigabytes RAM and 32 gigabytes internal storage, expected to have a MicroSD slot with support for adoptable storage feature that can be found in Marshmallow Operating Systems.

As what we have posted on our last issue on HTC 10, the company removed the BoomSound located on the front. The speakers were moved at the bottom. Front device was plain and its headphone was relocated on top

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