Tecno S3 and Tecno M7 phones released, gets online bashing

Tecno has been hugely criticized many times in the past, but none has been able to match the amount of bashing the Chinese phone maker received from Internet users as it quietly slipped the Tecno S3 and Tecno M7 yesterday.

Tecno S3 and Tecno M7 released, gets online bashing
The Tecno M7 came with a 5″ display, 8MP camera and 2000mAh battery — exactly the same specs Tecno F8 aka Phantom A+ has on board. The S3 sports a 3.5″ display, 5MP camera and 1400mAh battery — a replica of the M3 which was released only a month ago. We have seen the P3s, a replica of the P3, except a change from Android 2.3 to 4.0 on the former.

It is not clear why this Chinese company choose to make new phones every week instead of updating the one s they already have on board, marketing ethics, if you permit us to say. On a forum thread posted on Nairaland about the ‘new’ S3, a user replied “The same products just different names” while another user with username Big.game posted:

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Tecno has been enjoying great dominance with their low-budget Android smartphones in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia, . Tecno has managed to released six different Android smartphones this September alone:  Tecno F8 Phantom A2, D1, P5, P3s, S3 and the M7.


  1. Admin, i have visited more than 8 websites searching for full specs on Tecno s3, other sites specs on Tecno s3 are similar to yours except the camera has 2MP, but from your site,it has 5MP.please which is correct. reply me soonest

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