Tecno, the worst Android-phone manufacturer, ever?

Tecno phones seem to be the crave of the moment. Before buying your next Tecno phone, see what this article has to say. (Updated)

Tecno LogoIf you live in the African or Asian region, the word Tecno must have fallen on your ear. Not the music genre techno – the other techno but this Tecno, the one that have been flying in cheap pieces of plastic and wire aka phones into Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other African countries.
Let’s face it. Tecno was one of the first companies that brought ‘affordable Android smartphones’ to Africa, but they are not the first, nor the best. Their debut ‘Android’ phone, Tecno N3 may have sold millions of units in Nigeria alone, wowed many users who probably are using Android phones for the first time, but hey believe it or not, Tecno N3 is one of the worst Android phones ever sold. Reasons will be explained.

Reasons why Tecno might have been the worst Android manufacturer ever

Faulty right from the box!
Each and every Tecno N3 out there seems to have one problem or the other. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to sensor to SIM slot to wake-up button (the list is endless though), funny thing is that these faults come with these phones straight out of the box. I even saw someone who just bought a brand new N3 that can’t access Settings menu. Tecno N3 is probably Tecno’s best selling phone but not to forget, the N7, D3, D5, Q1, P3 also come with the same factory-built faults.

Zero or zero customer care
You heard me right, zero! Tecno have no customer care. The little ‘customer care’ joints they have at random big cities in Nigeria are run by more or less O’level ‘engineers’. These ‘engineers’ know next to nothing about phones, they neither repair phones nor do you see them with any tools.

Tecno phones money
They only know prices of Tecno phones and won’t hesitate to tell you to buy a new Tecno phone when you bring in a faulty phone for repair or replacement. On a few occasions I’ve been at Tecno customer care, I overheard the noobs setting up Internet connection on customers’ phones though. I think that’s the only area their salaries cover.

No updates, never
Sure, we have never heard of OS updates on any Tecno phone. Tecno rather makes new phones everyday, dumping their older customers in the dark while on the venture of getting new ones. They don’t even seem to know how phone series work. They made N3, went back and made an advance version of the phone and named it P3 – instead of something like N4 or N3 advance. This goes to tell you how short-minded the company is.

Fragile phones
In 2014 alone, we’ve bought two Tecno phones for reviews and both phones got cracked screens after a brief periods. The first one, a Tecno M3, fell from a desk with it’s face up. The glass shattered though the touchscreen was still responding.

Tell me more on how a landscape device with a 7" display is a "phablet"
Tell me more on how a landscape device with a 7″ display is a “phablet”

Another one, a Tecno P9, showed the stuff it’s made of after it was briefly packed under some documents in a bag — the screen got a crack and some portions stopped responding.

Tecno have never used top quality screens for any of their devices. Even the new ‘top notch’ Tecno R7 sports a screen that has nothing to write home about. Tecno is oblivious of Gorilla Glass et al, it seems.

Arrogant company
While you might have heard of Chinese employers bullying their locals that work for them here in Nigeria and Africa, some even to the point of brutalizing their workers fatally (Google is your friend), Tecno took to our own website to blackmail and bully us.

Tecno customer care
Here is an excerpt of what the e-mail they sent us says:

The following article
found on your site was brought to our notice by our client, and we are deeply saddened
that such an article could be posted by an official blogger in this Nigerian market,
whom we had even considered contacting for participation in a Tecno event for bloggers last year…

…I would require 2 things. Firstly that the post be taken down under 3 hours
of receiving this email, as we do not want this to even remotely drag into a legal issue,
though that is all the client wants right now, which wont be a good thing. Secondly, that
you explain your rationale behind releasing such a post in the first place.

Firstly, Tecno didn’t deem it proper to complain about the handful of ‘good’ reviews we gave to their products here on BestMobs, it seems they are only after the part that says the truth about them.

Here is an excerpt of what we replied them:

Yes, we got contacted by some people running some sort of competition for
newbie bloggers and they mentioned doling out some phones to people in
exchange for some sort of reviews. We lost interest midway as we neither
need free phones nor do we have time nor resources to waste on irrelevant
things at that time…

…Though rare, it’s not unheard of to receive comments from enthusiast
visitors(aka fan boys) asking for an article to be removed, especially
when the article disagrees with their point of view on their favorite
product or brand. We are happy our article moves you as that is the main
reason why we spend hours writing our quality articles.

Don’t stop your client(s) from going to court. The best way to settle a
dispute is via the court of law, which you alleged that you are halting
your so called client from. We suggest they go to court, unless you have
other reasons why you don’t want the law method — maybe lack of evidence,
lack of accusations or fear of tarnishing an already tainted image, or
maybe you just have other plans.

On that note, Tecno should be thankful to BestMobs and the BestMobs crew for the wonderful job we’ve done for the phone producer.

A Tecno Mobile commercial:

BestMobs started writing specs, info, news and reviews on Tecno products when nobody seemed to care about the Chinese outfit, and in exchange, the company decided to reward us with threats and blackmail.

To be continued…

By Charles Borrowmeo

Web designer, Internet marketer and blogger. I love listening to hip-hop, soul and R&B.
When I'm not surfing the Internet, you'll find me playing video games, skating or watching football (die-hard Chelsea FC supporter).

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Please post this as best as you can that
Phantom 5 the $350 phone is missing by huge manufacturer mistake hardware piece. To be precise the compass sensor does not exist in the phone. They bluntly lying in the specifications that the phone carries the compass sensor. Worst they do not have any solution to fix nor do they refund the customer fit their huge mistake!!

Also I just realized after coming back to the USA that this phone does not work in the USA. It seems it’s locked for the USA.

Please why are you bitching??
Anyways, there’s no date on this, when was it written?
I’ve used to tecno device, its pretty neat considering the price. you can’t really expect to eat your cake and still have it.
The almighty samsung is a crash master, my tab 3 started hanging from week one…so what are we talking about here?

There’s always room for improvement, no matter who you are or what you are selling.

For instance…your website needs a bit more umph…

seriously its my first time going through diz pis ov infrmatio.. buh xeriuxly itx totali tru.. ‘TECNO’ devix iz al pis ov ‘SHIT’..
twnkx duh fr yhur concern yhu fukin ‘CHINKOZ’ ..


I found your piece on TECNO extremely accurate! Their after sales service
is COMPLETELY non existent, and clearly the problem isnt just in Nigeria. I
live in Kenya and honestly the problem may be even worse here.

I think people just need to speak up. So many people are screwed over by
them ( me being one of them) and yet it’s as if no one is willing to be
vocal about it.

Honestly people just need to stop buying TECNO phones altogether. Fine,
they may be cheap and seem good, but its pointless to have a phone that is
rendered useless the minute something small goes wrong

I took mine for the volume button to be replaced and they have given me the
run around for almost a month now. Honestly.

They are FRAUDS and they need to be exposed!

Please continue to tell the truth, they can threaten you with all kinds of
suits, but the truth can never be called defamation!

If the time arises where proof of their complete and utter inadequacy is
required, feel free to contact me. I have enough!



I hav a problem with my p3, if i on it ,its will just show me tecno logo and i aply d method of formating it,but still showing the same thing,pls help me with another solution.

Very True!Tecno smart phones are trash.

Everything about tecno is inferior and fake;If you have really used a good phone from other better brands, you will hate using tecno.
Tecno is not good. They are not even trying to improve.

They same issues consistently repeating in their models.
Speaker – headphone issues, Charging port issues, wifi not coming on issues, screen issues – cracks easily like an eggshell, blackout issues, insufficient memory issues, overheating issues, sms/contact/ call log disappearance issues, non responsive power button issues, camera pixel issues, Screen luminance issues in daylight, etc.

All they are interested in is pushing a million models with same features into the market.

Lol Africans are like that always complaining while they can’t do better. You guys should manufacture your own phones instead of having irrelevant debates. Tecno makes bad phones and then what? They are out for your money. Am sure the quality of tecno phones sold in China is excellent.

You hit the nail right on the head,Tecno mobiles have all fake or faulty cameras labelled 8mrgapixels producing pictures of 0.3megapixels camera!

And for bestmobs you know that with out Tecno phones you would’nt have a big visitors, 70% of visitors who visite your site becuase of Tecno. be wise.

Shut up johnnie. What do you know? The People are talking better thing and you are working for tech no and saying shtt

Are you guys so short minded with tecno mobile phones because they don’t recognise the goodness you guys (bestmobs) did for them? or because they tried to blackmail you guys(bestmobs)

Tecno have become the butterfly that takes itself for a bird. Imagine Tecno selling their boomj7 for N28,000 while Infinix note x551 and other phones with better spec far greater than that of tecno sale N23,000 and lower. They’ve started sapping us.

We can now see a further extension to the reason why business minded chineese companies pit quantity againest quality.

my P9 Tecno pad is giving me problem of “unfortunately launcher has stopped” l have tried every means both flashing of phone severally yet no solution. What do I do? That is the only problem. 08035056579

my P9 Tecno pad is giving me problem of “unfortunately launcher has stopped” l have tried every means both flashing of phone severally yet no solution. What do I do? That is the only problem.

am reading this article with a tecno phone…it doesn’t load images!to make it worse,the display is struggling my eyes.i wish i knew that it would lead me to using tecno’s boring!

Some of this comments are lie, tecno phones are good phones, I have never used any other phone except from tecno, and to be candid I am on my 4th tecno, tecno is good, I will just have to learn how to upgrade your os by installing custom roms

I Greatings All My Friendz Of Liahona High School Njeru Like Joshux Dee Mayex,joel Hp,all S.6,s.1,s.2,s.3,damaulira,maiso Shaban,frank Mbogo,amongole,byassi,madam Namayanja Tahia,alex,shakirah,kwagala,molly E.t.c.

infinx alpa marvel 3 days after buying it and it already had problems.why make a phone if it doesnt serve its purpose

so what phones do u want tecno customers to buy? you are leaving them with no proposed alternatives and therefore you aint helping

Am extremely sorry for bestmobs,in we have hater and jealous people they Will say bad things about your products and then we have wise people but to have a website that can show details of your product correctly is not easy.

tell us wat u think about htc’s first android fone..or maybe samsung….am sure u’ll be wowed at its first sight,wont u? 🙂

now rememember that tecno are’nt d only ones making der fones…eg,fones like nokla imitating nokia,der are tecno fones i blive are not made by tecno…i repair dem i knw wat am talking if u got any beef wit 1 fone,well suit yourself

my TECNO phone keeps on hunging.i seriously hate
it.i bought another tecno recently,that even refused to accept other sim cards,searching for automatic network for around 13 hours…….DAM IT!!!!!

It is such a disappointment that tecno parts for a phone that is not up to one year is no longer available..I bought a techno phantom A3 and the screen got broken and I was told it can’t be repaired. I am told that the phone would be swapped.when it was valued ,it was valued at 3,200 naira, a phone a bought for 49,000 .what a waste why spend my money on a market brand that is inconsistent and they are ready to rub you. Nigerians should stand and say no to this robbery on the part of tecno .Tecno you are planing your down fall? The market will slowly pull away from you.

my Tecno r7 exploded and the whole screen craks by itself…this is weird I felt the pain of fixing another one at a high cost

As much as I appreciate your frustration on Tecno N3, what do you say about the others. But remember Tecno has helped many Nigerians to get phone at cheaper price compare to Samsung and others, not withstanding Samsung remains the leader.

I am not in agreement with your post. I sees it as an outright hatred for the company. I have been using tecno T9 since 2011without any fault. The fact that one out of million is bad is not enough reason to condemn such product totally.

fancy chinko techno……. With 4kin Battery problem…… Abeggy Techno with its fancy nature should go to hell make i rest….. Almost spending d rest of d day charging charging charging

Tecno products are rubbish, they’re just stealing from us openly. U wouldn’t image a tecno D9 I bought for 29k and after two months of use it started malfunctioning, which I took to their carlcare and was valued @13,300. U must take another tecno phone within dat valued price or take another one and u will add extra money to take a higher phone. Most of their product re rubbish.

Tecno, Instead of recycling same old phone model that you keep telling people a new model has just arrived , why can’t you concentrate on the durability of your phone, do a research on how people are enjoying your product .
Try to improve your customer care (carlcare) too. It’s dishearten to hear from a manufacturer that they can’t fix their product except they change the whole components. This is hilarious. I’m a living testimony….
I advise most of my friends, colleagues and some enemies who still cares to buy your product. In returns, I receive a bad feedback from them either.
Tecno, improve your brand…I see you loosing 87% of your customers by new years, first quarter. Obviously, I’m changing from the toy you sold me to the original brand.
A word is enough for the wise

I love tecno” nice perform” but don’t like the name “tecno” because when tecno started producing” we all knew it as china \chico please change the name of all tecno smartphones

I love tecno” nice perform” but don’t like the name “tecno” because when tecno started producing” we all knew it as china \chico” please change the name of all tecno smartphones

this foolish and fraudster harassed and enbarrassd them cos I took my tecno AIII (M9) for torch pad and I was told dat d I have to swap for R7 and dat my phone is now valued N11,000 and I refuse to swap, dat I want my phone fixed. It got to a stage dat and frustrated and I had to dismantle my phone in dere presence (scartered it). Some Ppl started recording d incedent. I was harrassed by Mobile Police in dere office and a woman was forced to delete the video she took. Pls contact if dere something we can do to stop dis fraudster frm dere normal fraudent act. 08027687935

Infinix Joy pad 8 3G Tablet . Serial no 84086

I write with a high sense of frustration at the above tab which I bought from Techno World 40 Wetheral road OWERRI on 15 August 2014. Since then I have returned it twice for faults. I an disappointed with Infinix and promise that nobody known to me will touch that product with a long stick again. I have told the dealer that I want a replacement.. Infinix is bad news. I am sad that I cannot use a product I bought with my hard earned money. OBI

my tecno f5 over heats when u use 3g for long.. the power button sometimes doesn’t wake up d phone.. d phone came from d company with many error.. but u can’t complain since its a phone of 15k unlike Samsung lg n HTC which are expensive… if u have less than 20k buy tecno but monitor d apps so d phone won’t start hanging

Cheap, but really inferior. The 1 gig internal memory haunts you to delete more apps than you ordinarily have to…
The camera of 13mps is so poor that you wonder if that’s not a straight lie plus the screen is so fragile and so freakishly expensive, I’ve had to change mine twice and they both cost about the same amount as the phone. The point is… Save up and buy better stuff. Cheap is not the synonym for excellent. No hard feelings but… I can’t say I like my A3. The joy of getting a new ‘cheap’ phone is too short lived

Listen I have been using tecno phone for about five yrs now I haven’t witness all the bad reports you are saying, please can any body tell me what you will do with other android phones you cannot do with tecno? I do enter into any website and danload any application ,even I am looking for money to buy R7 up up tecno down down all other android phones.

Listen I have been using tecno phone for about five yrs now I haven’t witness all the bad reports you are saying, please can any body tell me what you will do with other android phones you cannot do with tecno? I do enter into any website and danload any application ,even I am looking for money to buy R7 up up tecno down down all other android phones.

Listen I have been using tecno phone for about five yrs now I haven’t witness all the bad reports you are saying, please can any body tell me what you will do with other android phones you cannot do with tecno? I do enter into any website and danload any tapplication ,even I am looking for money to buy R7 up up tecno down down all other android phones.

i find it very sad that a blog like this can actually grade a particular brand as the worst based on these weak arguments.u may have your reservations about a brand but u cant say its the worst without comparing in your argument. lets not get too emotional. ive used sony, samsung , bb, htc and tecno and honeslty they all have issues. i dont think tecno is the best but u get what u pay for, n they do have customer service where i am. i used n3 for a year and sold it n its still working for 2years after. the same guy bought my used phantom A just last year. my point is they all got issues so when judging dont use ur own myopic opinion to make such arguments. conduct good research with a wide sample of users n compare with other brands , n then lets all see the results so you dont have to be the ones to say its the worst. we can all tell from the facts. im just saying people take you seriously so be a bit professional. thanks

Cobbie your very right all these phones hv issues my sister hd samsung that hangs alot and my friend antony hd samsung pocket which hangs alot not only that they also hv many issues an KENNETH from Kenya

[email protected]@@ these tecno niggas, I bought my “can’t even remember the name of the phone”, I bought my phone december and in 3months time it got spoilt … Till now its still lying in my kerrack and technician can repair it.


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je veux payer la tecno phantom z et je ne sais quoi faire.pas de magasin de tecno dans mon pays.le votre est dans pays?sa m’intèresse vraiment 16MP et OCTA CORE c’est le veux vraiment.

Techno features what they got.But I thiblack they have already taken these things into consideration as evident in some of their. recent phones, am currently flexing my A+ With little or no problems except for the battery.

Constructive criticism but wait a minute what is (Africans)Nigeria manufacturing as to technological gadgets, these guys has tried,though there is room for improvements, Nigerians too must wake up to produce Nigerian phones

Hey Everybody,

I’m writing from Kenya.

I think the best thing about Tecno phones is that they are affordable! I know they are not in the same leave as IPhones, HTC M8, or Samsung galaxies, however.

Sometimes, yes, Tecno phones are full of sh$#*, but I noticed that they have improved from the Tecno N3 days to now, Tecno F9 days.

A Tecno m3 specs for example, easily beat those of a Samsung galaxy trend, and Tecno phantom A3’s close to Samsung g S3’s, mind you that the Samsung is more than double the price of the Tecno.

My message to Tecno:

The email you people sent this blogger is downright unacceptable!!!
You need some professionals in your staff, it seems!
Keep improving your devices, and maybe Bestmobs will rate your wares well.

Personally, I think you are working towards the right direction. But if you tire midway, Huawei have some really good phones here in Kenya and maybe Nigeria and Ghana. Take care.

i have used 7 mobile phones from tecno&know about all the numerous short comings of their devices. though it is for level entry Nigerians into the smartphone frenzy we Nigerians still deserve our courtesy. it is true that it is only bestmobs website that has been keeping so many of us tecno fan boys aware of specs&details of most tecno phones so am not happy with that silly email sent to them.
constructive criticism is okay for any company or individual with vision&objectives for performance and productivity.

kegile or whatever u are called ur father is also a bastard for calling anoder person. s.mother a bastard u are a fool if u know u are angry with d comment just go to hell. ticket to hell is available for free so go and collect it and go to hell slut. brat.son of a bitch

no one is forcing u guys to buy techno but techno is a smartphone if u are luking for one to buy go for l 3 or p 5

Tecno phone is the worst phone you ll ever use.

Once had an N7 and was loaded with problems. Used the garbage for a week and sold it for 15k.

Now rocking my SGS2 on custom ROM…life is sweet

so many comment ERS dat bad mouth techno here are craZy even d person DAT made up dis article is a b*stard when u see a company improving instead of supporting dem so all u have to do is to keep bad mouthing dem I can see u b mumu beside no one is forcing you to buy techno stupid idiots most of are thieves buy a phone worth of 110k like galaxy s4 techno f8 is 95%match compared to d phone u can Google search it if u want and one more ting any touchscreens phone can crack wen it falls no matter how quality it is galaxy s4 drops from a girl I n campus 2day for d first time and it crash so what abt DAT try to make up. an article DAT u will receive blessings not d one DAT will make u receive abusement okay I know how u feels because techno is surpassing BB ISn.t it

Tecno i’ll admit is world’s most affordable crap… The only tecno phone i’ll advice anyone to buy is the l3 because my sister has been using it for months without complain. Anyway someone said something about tecno competing with the best… Tecno can never and never be as good as samsung because samsung is using all what they have to make sure someone gets the best of their smartphone… Samsung is only expensive because the components used in making it is not cheap… If you even notice out of all the countries that get the tecno know it’s only Nigeria that is comparing tecno and samsung… See their latest today the phantom z with 8 core processors no matter how many core processors they put in a phone it will never be as good as the qualcomm snapdragon 805 in the samsung galaxy s5… Big phones like sony that just started their own series like 2years ago are still hoping to be as good as samsung even though their phone has the best camera you could ever see in any smartphone and for that dude that said samsung is a china phone.. Dude go back to school it’s a south korean phone and samsung is even better than the new iphone 6 and 6 because the iphone is still using a dual core processor and a 1gb ram but the only good thing is that the phone will never have any problem because it is using the A8 chipset… I’m a freak for phones so i know much… If you want to see how strong a samsung galaxy smartphone is look up some videos on youtube about the drop test. The last one i watched was about the samsung galaxy s5, the htc one m8 and the iphone 5.. The iphone 5 did not survive any hit, the samsung galaxy s5 survived two hits and the htc one m8 survived all the hits except the last one which was from a 10 feet height… What i’m trying to say is that the samsung galaxy spend alot of money putting their devices in order and they keep improving on it unlike tecno that just uses cheap mtk chipset to deceive people. One last thing… If you’re thinking of buy the phantom z, pls don’t just buy the ZTE nubia z7 mini because the phone has no problems at all and it is within the range of 40-50k… For a phone with 4G LTE and 4.4.2 kitkat it is very cheap. I hope this helps you and takes your mind of that crappy company.

am a tecno fan, but the truth must be told, i used to av tec n3 and a tec q1, problem with these was that batteries bcomes so hot out of the blue, my q1 freezes and then lags and these phones are not upgradable which isnt a nice thing, bcos we put money in their pocket(s) they should give us products that are worth while

wow!! it seems u are really vexing for tecno but truth be told, they are disappointing with the 512MB RAM phones they keep throwing into the market everytime, but then again..thats why they are cheap!

Tecno phones are just so crappy! Can’t believe I ever bought their cheap rubbish smartphones. The N3 was okay at first but in less than a month started going off and turning white. The F7 my friend bought is also dead and Tecno cal care at Onitsha are just a bunch of stupid paid goons! Everything they know is to collect money that they would share with half-baked, and illiterate staffs employed.

If folks know what is good for them, they better port to Gionee! (The best smartphone producer for low income earners).

Thanks to the admin for bringing this issue to light.

My brother is using N3 since 2yrs now and it is serving him very well. U can buy a new nokia or samsung and it will be faulty. Tecno should not be an exception. Don’t talk ill about tecno because of ur peculiar case. I’m to buy tecno M3 soon. [email protected]

There will always be a rebellious ones over Good things..when a child Is crawling and put sand in ur gari,that child has been ur enemy. Tecno has come to put ease to easy access of mobilising . Abeg my L3 serves me better. Its just a way for being around the world and I’m proud! No hating pls.

I have bought4 Tecno phones (p5,PhantomA.& Phantom A3. I simply found them amazing & cant believe all these criticisms. Tecno products areok with competitive prices.

Do u expect me to save my 8months salary, and then spend everythn on samsung when i cn easily get A+ for 2months. Sorry o, samsung is also china product.

Samsung is actually South Korean but I get exactly what you mean. Just cos a phone was made by Asians doesn’t mean it will automaticaly be bad. They’re human like us blacks…and their products are cheaper. American and Finnish phones are not perfect too. People that have a problem with Tecno should go and start their own phone company.

@Gb No, the guy was right SAMSUNG is made in China and not in Korea like you thing you know ! LOOL, some people really need to ask themselves how can they be so ignorant, before giving lessons.

I recently bought TECNO N7 Phone I find the phone very convenient for low income earners but I find one problem the phone does not install the Google play services every time I try to install it says incompatible with other application(S)Using the same shared user ID.
Can u please Guide me what to do so that I can install the application.

You and your critics will never survive in quest to ruin the PEOPLE’S CHOICE PHONE TECNO. For me, Tecno is one of the best!!! I’ve been introducing it to many friends and my happiness is that they bought it and till today, it’s working perfectly OK. Am using Phantom A1+ and may likely add their latest by next year. Tecno is better than Blackberry, they now compete with Samsung.
I love Tecno!!!

stupid comment,if u like carry megaphone dey shout say tecno no good,pple wey go buy go buy…i love my Q1….u expect me 2 go and buy samsung galaxy of 100k abi wen tecno phantom A will do d same work as samsung galaxy.i swear u be akpa….up tecno!…more power 2 ur elbow tecno

You guys are just been jealous of them, why don’t you established ur own company and produced at least, one phone for the public to use instead of opening ur dirty mouth to criticise, please tecno group carry on, we ur fans are solidly behind you. Looking forward to the release of m5

monkey nor fine bt e mama like am………..mind ur bussinex jaweer………all critics re aliable to die young!!! Tecno, BEST I EVER HAD…….

To be sincere tecno phones might be bad to u cos u ent knw hw to use it, but it helps me with anything i need .i believe that as nokia started from nokia torch to nokia lumia shall tecno improve to something wonderful with time. Love tecno love my phone Q1

*smh* Am so amazed @ d kind of -ve comments. I believe in Tecno…bridging d gap in d economic status, saving d guys from d crazy demands of ladies(am a lady), reducing moral decadence and high crime rates….u bought a phone of 13/14k n e dey pepper u for body like dis if u come buy samsung S4 e crash u go naked swear for the company. Call a spade a spade “This affordable product is sweet” with newer modes of sharing n transfers nt seen in other phones….if u want to get expensive ones dey still get d grade dat gives oda android phones a run for their money….Try Tecno Phantom A2+ ​(•͡.̮ ~͡)

i dont use tecno myself but my parents and 3 sisters use it.i some times borrow them and it is even faster than my so called asha 201 i’m using,they are good and i pray they keep it up.

tecno is a good andriod phone wit chip rate price affortable 4 ppl.but my adverse to tecno company, upgrade the battery capacity nd d Ram of d phon i can download much application due to insufficent internal memory.

The good thing with our world today is that…every one is entitled to their own opinion.I choose to ignore you as I enjoy using my Phantom A.keep it up tecno

Though i have not used any tecno phone but i have seen those who used it, tecno is a good manufacturing company remember the bible tells in the book of Jeremiah that we should not depise our little beginning.why are even deliberating on tecno n3 while don’t you go and try other tecno android phone like the f7 becos it is so good. If you think tecno don’t have a good android phone production go and get other android phones and leave tecno alone. And about their updating, go to their website and comment on it

Am using tecno q1 and its superb.I actually sold my bold 5 to get this amazing android phone.critics please if you think you know ways to help this amazing company grow forward your ideas.

Tecno I salute d3 it does more than I expected it to do, u know this guy still hv the African mentality call pull him down how happy I will hv be if tecno was to be a Ghanaian company

the true fact is that they are helping out people that can’t save upto 55k to buy an android phone. Atleast u can buy one from them as low as 13k.

if u think Tecno is a good product, root it and see hell… Even some tecnos are written android mobile but they accept java applications nd can not even run them well. I hate Tecno with passion!

Why are critex dis much, dey can’t produce nyfin and dey keep complaining! Nokia started frm a level if u wanna knw! Beside d name calld samsung and Lg are also chinese product, buf dey upgraded, with time u gonna see deir upgrade… U jst need 2 bear wif dem! Besides neva heard tecno pone crash liKe d soul calld bold5 dat crashd afta I usd it 4 jst a mnth… Tink twice dude…

Shataway u …..can u guys fix a common radio….can u guys build a common remote…. Do any of u critic of tecno know were the Ram or Rom is located inside the phone circuit…. See ur mouth lyk OS n boot…. Is dat ur blad uncle’s name Tecno Donatus? Mtcheeeewx …….heeeeeey nigga freeze ….i didnt call anybody’s name in particular …so carry caution if you are vexing…lol

Anyway am mr mosh from nigeria but stays in malaysia…. I believe in nokia believe it or not tecno is china phone…. Add me on 2go with +60665435472

Na wa oooh! I stumbled on dis y checking to see d features of the tecno, to see if I can sell my BB and join my frends using it. But right now I’m scared O. [email protected] shuld pls mail me to convvince on gettin d fone. I intend gettin d N7. Pls let me knw watsup wit it.

FOOLS. . .who says tecno is not a china phone? it is china made does not mean its fake, it is very original & durable. tecno is a chinees owned mobile phone company, it operates under chinees manufacturing standard regulatery law. take it or leave it

Mariano, yo tambie9n veo con entusiasmo las charals TED, esta es particularmente interesante, no por lo que dice, sino justamente por lo que no dice, lo que deja que digamos nosotros y pensemos nosotros.No se9 si este es nuestro faltimo siglo, pero sed te aseguro (y creo que coincidire1s conmigo) que realmente ENVIDIO a los humanos que nacere1n en los prf3ximos 50 af1os, comenzando hoy, porque sere1n testigos de grandes cambios y eventos sin precedentes en toda la historia de nuestra Humanidad.Saludos

La verdad no le doy mucha bola a todo eso del Apocalipsis, los mayas, el 2012 a trave9s de la hsiotria se han declarado muchos fines del mundo y todos han fallado.Francamente le temo me1s a que el propio hombre siga autosabotee1ndose su existencia con la contaminacif3n del ambiente y el calentamiento global, que a que un asteroide se estrelle contra nosotros.Igual, el universo no es un ente este1tico. Este1 en constante transformacif3n, ased sea en peredodos de millones de af1os. Mientras me de9 tiempo para cumplir con las metas proverbiales de plantar un e1rbol, escribir un libro (no un blog) y tener un hijo, no le pido me1s a la vida 😛

Tecno n3 is one of the best phones available at that price range.. If you need a better 1,then buy n7 or
I’ve had only minor trouble with it when I installed too many apps but after deleting the unnecessary ones, the phone works like it is made in heaven.. I bought it for 13k and I want to upgrade in the tecno world to n7 or f7….9ce job tecno… Besides there are other androids in the market.. Samsung, HTC… Etc… Buy those ones and leave tecno

lol,funny, jealousy killing you,there is no problem with my n3 (6months old) and p3 (1 month old) as you are saying,i guess you bought a fake tecno n3 or you dont even have one,should the phone cost $400 before you see it as good phone? shame on you. And surfkid,you have brick your phone for unsupported applications.

I lov tecno. D only hangup i ever had wit dem was d awkward size of their phones. Now dey’re solving dt wit d intro. of their smartphone series. U sound like a paid critic.

I’v bn a tecno user quite, long now, I used HD30,tecno TRINITY,T611S, all i’v nt even one gave me problem, & i happens 2 b a rough fone user, fone often falls carelessly in my hand,among all products I av used only tecno cud witstand d it, & as for costomer care service, I experienced it once wit my HD 30 wich falls terribly from bike & notin appen 2 it @ 1st but wks later it developed fault, I tuk 2 dem @ costomer service center in ikeja,ask me 2 come bk in 10 wrkin days, dey repaired it witout collectin nt even kobo from me, i ask if I’m 2 pay anytin dey said d problem doesn’t warrant bn paid also d warrantee period is still on, so all we all nid 2 do is 2 encourage d company nt 2 discourage dem, ds will move our nations high, dey ar jst tryin 2 bit d market price still wit gud quality jst as GLOBACOM did 2 me is d best network so far bcos I used dem all, MTN is a cheat still nigerians ar after it. So pls don’t get dem discouraged even though u ar 4 ds stop it liv d market 4 d competitors 4 ds will help our country technology advancement. Tnks
I’m an ARCHITECT like me on & consult me for ur next construction project, ur choice will b considered

My opinion to tecno company is to create an operating system update services, so that we customer can make use of the service to update our phone whenever the newer version is out. Just like the way ‘NOKIA’ those.

ya uje zakazvıl takoy teoelfn, ya oe7en veryu vam, daraqoy video shoper, nu ya jivu v Azerbaydjana, jal ş ne maqu zakazat etot teoelfn iz vaşıva sayta, nu Azerbaijanu toje yest otlie7nıy dilleri, i ya zakazvıl nix

My opinion to tecno company is to create an update services, so that we customer can make use of the service to update our phone whenever the newer version is out. Just like the way ‘NOKIA’ those.

How valuable each day of life is no mettar how few of them there are. How to be compassionate to others. To be less judgmental, realizing everyone grieves in a different way and at a different pace.

honestly speaking, techno is not what you are thinking, i totally disagreed with you…techno is working the price of phone is changing. 😛

Sincrely, I have never see anything wrong wt Tecno. I can see ur complained is only abt tecno N3. I’m using tecno Q1 wch I bought in april, d fone is superb and never get any challenges yu made mentioned above. At least I give kudos to dem for affordables fone. I had once used thr product tecno HD11, I used it for close to 2yrs bfor I sold it and till nw d person dat bought neva giv any complains.
May b I wl chek dat N3 to c wat u r talking abt.

Tecno is sh*t. I bought a Tecno N3 and after two days it stopped booting. It keeps writing tecno and restarting till the battery dries.
Took it to their office and they said I root it. I told them I have no idea what rooting is but they said I should take my phone and leave (rudely).
I will never ever buy a tecno chinko product, waste of 14 k

This Tecno thing is a hoax. They claim it has 512 Mb internal memory when it actually has 175 mb only. It hangs and goes off on its own.

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