Things That You Need To Know With iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

There has been no update on the current iOS jailbreak for a while, but some rumored points out that it has already been circulating in weeks as to date. But the question is when? What are the things that we need know with iOS 9.2 jailbreak? Or we informed about it.

things to know with jailbreak iphone

Initially the last jailbreak which has October of 2015 was released just month after iOS 9 was announced by the company in public. The said Jailbreak was considered fastest among all jailbreak release, but it was suppressed with the iOS 9.1 just weeks later, with exploit patching making jailbreak process unsuccessful.

Since iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1 was officially announced on public, we haven’t seen any updates on the recent jailbreak, though users who are on iOS 9 can use Pangu’s as their tool to jailbreak their iPhone device.

And as per sources that we managed to gather, it points out that TaiG and Pangu team is on the process of working for the upcoming jailbreak, of course after working with it. They make it on public; especially that iOS 9.3 is on the go.

As iOS 9.2 jailbreaks rumored to already available, but the thing that is lacking is the confirmation. We have seen nothing on public yet and all the information that we manage to gather are just speculations not official updates.

Jailbreak fans are still positive to see the release soon.

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