The Apple iPhone 7 roundup: All you need to know

The iPhone 7 has been talked about for days, leaked for months and even rumoured for may weeks but as at the time of writing this piece, that is not going to be the case again because this premium smartphone has launched and now, some days after, we can tear it down and look at what we have on the newly introduced device in the line-up of Apple iPhones to see what makes them tick, and decide within ourselves if the wait was even worth it at all.

The first place we would undoubtedly touch is the design and we must comment that the one we are seeing this year is not only resistant to dust but can withstand some water too. The IP67 certification is surely not up to what we have seen on the Galaxy Note 7 with IP68 instead but this still means that your iPhone 7 can stay up to half an hour in a metre deep of water and still remain at full functionality.

At first look, there is really not much change between the design on this one and that we saw in the iPhone 6 pure model but there are a few major changes, one of them being the change of the location of the antenna bands which has given the device a new, revamped and neater look.

There are a variety of colours that you can treat yourself to also when it comes to the time to start making preorders or buying over the shelf and these are the Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and as well, another family of the black colour in Jet Black.

Just as we have heard via previous rumours, the 3.5mm jack became a magician and did a disappearing trick but the Lightning port is there for you should you wish to plug in headphones. If you have decided that this isn’t your thing anymore, there is the option of Bluetooth EarPods that would get the job done just well enough too.

The performance is improved due to the A10 chipset, the cameras are better and it now uses a pressure sensitive home button that gives a haptic feedback instead of that round, physical home button that we have come to associate Apple iPhones with.
Don’t they seem interesting to you also already?

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