The HTC 650 is coming to the US, but only Cricket Wireless is sure to have it


HTC has been doing a lot of work to improve the kind of devices that it puts out as flagships year after year, and on the back of that, they are not also slowing down to ensure that their mid-range market keeps getting the best of offerings too. 

This was one of the reasons behind the birth of the HTC 650 which was made official in the month of November last year, and came to take the baton from the already existent HTC 630. First launched in Taiwan, it has been taken to a lot of other markets over the course of time, the UK inclusive.

The US, however, were kept in the dark as to when they would also have this unit launch but now that the Cricket Wireless variant of the handset has leaked, we now when it would be coming to the states. This suggests that it is indeed coming to the US, and while it could end up being sold by only Cricket Wireless, we would love to see it across all carriers.

Sadly, though, there is no word on when this launch would be effected and we don’t even know what price tag would be slapped onto it at the time of launch. We hope to get more information soon, so watch this space.

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