The HTC Marlin (or Pixel XL) leaks, reveals camera details


Not so long ago, some news emerged of the possibility of Google not releasing their next line of devices which is being made by HTC under the Nexus brand name and instead, suggested a new system of nomenclature for them. Under this new naming system, it was suggested that the HTC Marlin would be called Google Pixel XL instead while the smaller HTC Sailfish would bear the name Google Pixel instead.

With just under a month now for us to see these smartphones launch on the 4th of October, a renowned tipster who goes by the name of LlabTooFeR has something to say as regards the camera technology on the Pixel XL’s camera.

According to this leak, the camera on the Pixel XL would be supplied by Sony, one of the best smartphone camera makers in the market and they would be giving their IMX378 to the smartphone. For the selfie camera, the IMX179 would be used instead and considering these, it is very much in line with the previous leaks of the Marlin that said that it could possibly have either of 12MP or 13MP on the back and 8MP on the front.

The tipster made no mention of the smaller device but if anything comes up, we would be the first to get that out to you.

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