The iPhone 7 Plus roundup: All you need to know

Apple used to drop their smartphones as lone rangers but after a while, these devices became shy and needed to have a brother to escort them into the market whenever they are due for launch. That is why the iPhone 7 did not launch along but alongside the iPhone 7 Plus and this one also is very much worth talking about. Wouldn’t you want to know what they have made inside this handset to make it so appealing?

Leaving it to us, we would start from the juiciest of leaks that we got while waiting and confirm to you that truly, this one came with the dual camera setup that it was rumoured to have. Both of the cameras have a 12MP unit and they would both take images at the same time, combining and superimposing the final images on each other to create the best effect ever.

Both cameras come with the technology that enables them to use the optical stabilisation feature and we won’t leave the improved 7MP front camera out too, making FaceTime an even better and more enjoyable experience for you.

The hardware is currently one of the most beautiful things that we have seen to with Apple finding a way to magically blend two elements in glass and metal together to produce what is like an alloy build of an impeccable design. The camera hump contributed to the total beauty having been carved from aluminium steel and if you have been conversant with Apple devices before now, you would notice that the logo on the back has changed a little, all thanks to the stainless steel.

Like on the iPhone 7, the camera bands have been improved to be more appealing and less visible. To round the aesthetics part of hardware up, you can get this one in colour variants of Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver also.

The A10 chipset has finally succeeded in taking smartphone speed to new heights and fixed with four cores, two of these would make sure that your operations that require high rendering are not lagging while the other two would make sure that the way you suffer battery drain is minimal.

If you must compare, then we should tell you that the new A10 chipset would make graphics rendering 50% faster than you enjoyed on the A9 chipset that launched with the iPhone 6 series.

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