The most paid CEO in China is…Lenovo’s Yuanqing Yang

Yeah, we don’t usually churn out articles like this but we felt excited to let you see what it feels like to be the CEO of a company that recently acquired Motorola from Google at $2.9 billion.

Yuanqing Yang is the CEO of Lenovo, and he lives in a¬†Brier Creek mansion in China though he’s unavailable in his home for the most part of the year owing to the nature of his duty at Lenovo.

Yuanqing Yang
The man we are talking about doesn’t earn chicken change. Yang earns more than HP’s Meg Whitman who cupped $17.6 million last year while the $4.25 million paid to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook last year looks like peanuts when compared to what the Lenovo guy earns.

Long story cut short. Yuanqing Yang earns $21.4 million yearly and he’s one of the richest CEOs on the globe.

Yuanqing Yang, who was born in Anhui, China, to parents who worked as laborers, has a degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1986 and is aged only 49.

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