The Nexus 6P is not out of stock… yet!

If you recall, we announced here some days ago that the Nexus 6P units have finished on the shelves of Google and that they don’t even plan to re-stock this device.

With this news, we guessed that they are just planning to have enough space and room to properly market the upcoming 2016 Nexus smartphones but now, the lovers of the Nexus 6P in United States and Canada have some great news to deal with.

Should you still want to buy the Nexus 6P at this time, you could order it straight from Google Store and they still have the 2015 flagship Nexus in memory variants of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. They have all colour variants available for you also but as before, you still can’t get the Gold variant in the US.
To give credibility to the former news item aired, it was actually true that Google stores in Canada were out of the Nexus 6P for a very long time and this was across all memory space variants, although the out-of-stock status lasted only a few while. In the US however, the device was not allowed to leave the shelf for that long.

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