The Xiaomi Mi 5s leaks, promises to be a flagship killer

Xiaomi seems to be very excited with the Mi 5 naming system because they have been doing wonders with smartphones in that line-up. Starting from the original Mi 5 that launched early in the year, the manufacturer announced that they would go overkill with the device and promised a Mi 5 Extreme that we have already gotten to see.

Then, we should recall that they had already promised a Mi 5s that would have better specs than the base device but look the same way. Well, this one beats the Extreme also if new specs are to be gone by.

For starters, the Mi 5s would pack an impressive Force Touch technology under the 5.15-inch screen and pair that with a high end QUALCOMM snapdragon 821 chipset, rounding off the top with a massive 6GB RAM and a CPU that has a clock speed of 2.4GHz.

With 256GB of internal storage space, you would have no problems holding the images taken by the 16MP rear camera and to ensure that the lights are always on, there is a 3490mAh battery, perfected with the QuickCharge technology from QUALCOMM.
If all of these excites you, stay tuned for juicier specs as they leak.

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