THL L969 review

THL is one of the very many Chinese companies — yes, there are tons of them — that sells phones across the globe. However, the OEM has separated itself from the rest of the flock by releasing outstanding smartphones such as the 5000mAh battery-powered THL T5000, and the uber-cheap THL L969 which we are going to discuss in this article.

THL L969 review
The THL L969 is one of the most affordable smartphones you can find in the market today, per specs-to-price ratio. The device is available at at the price of $140 (you can purchase it by clicking here). Before we go further, lets take a loot at the specs of this phone.

THL L969 Main Specifications

  • 5-inch IPS display with FWVGA resolution (480 x 854pixels)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • MediaTek MT6582 chipset with 1.3GHz quad-core CPU
  • 8GB of storage, memory card slot
  • 5-megapixel main camera, VGA front-facing camera
  • Google Android OS, version 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • User-removable 2700mAh Li-Ion battery

Just as stated previously, the THL L969 is too good to be true when looking at the specs. But what are other factors? Lets take a look.


First of all, the THL L969 is a $140 phone, bear that in mind when judging the display. However, the screen quality did not falter, not at all. The touchscreen was very sensitive and shuts down when the smart cover is closed or when being held to the ear during phone calls, to avoid accidental touches.

THL L969 screenshottTHL L969 screenshott (3)THL L969 screenshott (2)
THL L969 screenshott (6)THL L969 screenshott (5)THL L969 screenshott (4)

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The L969 has a wonderful display, it must be said, a 5-inch IPS screen at that, even as the FWVGA resolution is nothing to write home about. The low depth makes sure the PPI of the phone stands at only 196 pixels per inch though the difference is far from noticeable. However, take a look at the screenshots above and be the judge.

Display Score: 8/10


The phone was designed using a unpopular shape. While we can’t say the device looks beautiful, we can say it feels sleek even as it measures 9.1 mm in thickness. The L969 weighs like a feather and that’s a plus.

THL L969 full picture
Still on the design. The “cheap” material the phone’s cover is made of looks like something that will start wearing away after a few months use (most phones wear away anyway, even the so called top flagships do) so you better use the smart cover/phone pouch, which comes free with the product, to protect the piece hardware.

Design Score: 6/10


The camera on this smartphone is not the best of cameras out there, you can see it from the pictures below. However, thanks to the hardware-software calibration, the LED flash clicks on time for the camera to capture bright, clear pictures at night, unlike in some low-end smartphones where the flash light and camera act like they hate each anyway.

THL L969 review camera
The camcorder system embedded with the camera can shoot 1080p videos, also known as Full HD, and that’s at 30 frames per second. The video camera depends on the camera sensor for vision so you can guess how good as it can be.

Camera Score: 4/10


Powering the THL L969 is an MT6582 chipset by MediaTek. The SoC comes with four cores of Cortex-A7 CPU which are collectively clocked at 1.3GHz.There’s also a Mali-400MP2 graphics processor on board.

The MT6582 is a popular processor among mid-range and entry-level smartphones from China. The type used on the THL L969 supports China Mobiles’ FDD-LTE bands, so forget about 4G if you are buying this phone outside China. But then, the 3G and 2G bands will work with just about any GSM network around the world.

Our subject carries an adequate 1GB RAM which is what many high graphics games on Google Play Store require. The RAM is also important for easy movement of files — if you are a fan of such.

THL L969 review (2)
Speaking of Google, the L969 runs on the latest version of Google’s Android mobile platform — that’s Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Most of the interface is untouched so you will be running a virgin version of Android OS with the smartphone.

The device is preloaded with 8GB of storage and there’s still more space to be generated if there is need. You can slot in a microSD memory card with as high as 64GB capacity into the phone and you’ll have 72 gigabytes of space — on a sub-$150 smartphone!

Internals Score: 8/10


Insinuating that the THL L969 has an average or small battery will be a fat lie; In fact, the phone’s battery is far bigger than what we see on most 5″ smartphones.

The battery life on this phone is superb. With the way KitKat optimizes battery, this machine can get you 3 to 4 days of normal usage, no kidding.


Just like most things in life, there’s always a end. We have come to the end of this review and we can say the THL L969 is a nice buy at it’s price.

If you can mange a not-so-good 5MP camera, the THL L969 should be on your list. However, don’t buy this phone expecting a ton of tricks here and there because there is hardly any. The smartphone has everything a smartphone should have (and more) but it’s not a killer beast exactly, just so you know.
THL L969 review (3)
We want to say thank you to our friends at for providing us a review copy. You can use the coupon code L969ZZ to get a discount when you get the THL L969 from them.

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