Three Australian airlines ban the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is facing one of the toughest times in its history right now with the explosions of nearly three dozen of the Galaxy Note 7 units and even though this in itself is sure to make them lose much in the region of billions of dollars, they have new fishes to fry now in the sense that their customers face the risk of being discriminated against when they are taking flights in the region of Australia.

The FAA in the United States are already mulling over banning the units of the device from their flight but it seems that those in Australia have passed the stage of deliberation and have gone on to ban the device outright.

In this region, three different airlines – Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia – have banned the device on-board of all their flights starting from now. They have however pointed out that their decision is not influenced by the actions of the aviation authorities in the country but are as a result of internal decisions within their own managements.

This was done as a precautionary measure given that the recall has been instituted across multiple countries now and while the device has not been fully banned from the flight itself, they have advised that users are not allowed to plug in to the flight entertainment systems via USB ports.

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