Tim Cook says that Apple Pay will be available on Monday (Oct 20)

Apple Pay Tim Cook
The man who took over from the legendary Steve Jobs and has heralded Apple into the most valuable brand on the face of earth, according to Forbes, has announced the launch date of his company’s much anticipated payment system — Apple Pay.

Something was said about the Pay last week in which a leaked internal memo from one of the involved partners showed October 18 as the launch date of the payment system. However, CEO Cook has come out to say that Monday, October 20th is the release date of Apple Pay.

He also made known to the public that Apple has partnered with over 500 banks worldwide to see the Pay is as widely accepted. He also highlighted that Apple Pay wasn’t made for only the NFC-enable iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but for online payments via some agencies including Airbnb, OpenTable, StubHub.

Meanwhile, Apple is already wary of competitors and trolls of their new development. The Cupertino outfit should be expecting even more bashing after the Pay is opened to the entire public on 20th October.

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