Tired of broken iPhone screens? Buy your child a Sprint WeGo

Tired of broken iPhone screens Buy your child a Sprint WeGo

If you are the type of parent that like to keep their child under control yet mobile, Sprint has something for you.

Now, this thing is not for your 18-year-old daughter who moves into college next summer, she’ll definitely skew you alive if you ever buy this for her.

The Sprint Wego is a mobile device that can take phone calls and send texts. Apart from these, it has a GPS tracker which you could use to monitor your child from another phone.

Tired of broken iPhone screens Buy your child a Sprint WeGo
The device has a panic activator. The ring attached to the top, when pulled, alerts you of your child in danger via your cell phone.

Don’t worry, your ward might not hate you after all. He/she intentionally will try to break his/her Sprint Wego but unfortunately the device won’t spoil as it’s water and dust resistant and can withstand a fall from 12 feet. He/she might hate you for the time being, but will later understand mommy/daddy’s care later in life as he/she gets older and realizes you love for them is unbreakable and that’s why you buy unbreakable things for them.

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