Tizen-powered Samsung Z3 recieves update



Tizen-powered 5-inch display Super AMOLED screen with 1.3GHz speed on the Quad-core processor, Samsung Z3 smartphone launched last month is set to receive it’s first software update. The Update which doesn’t seem to be rolling out Over The Air (OTA) yet but can be sourced for through Samsung Smart Switch weighs about 600MB and brings with it a few new icons and changes in the screen brightness department but overall, there’s no new major noticeable changes effected by the update yet.

Samsung has been quick to roll out updates to Tizen-powered phones, which includes the Z1 which was launched earlier in the year and the South Korean company doesn’t seem to be relaxing considering the recent Strategy Analytics reports indicating the overtake of Blackberry OS by Tizen becoming the fourth largest mobile operating system in the world.
The OTA update however rolls out as a 16.4 MB size notification and for users who haven’t as yet received theirs, a quick check under the Software Update menu which can be found in the About device option under the Settings menu should guide users in checking if the update has been pushed to their devices as yet.
Details of the new software update as found on updated devices is shown below.

Firmware Details: Model SM-Z300H
Model name: Samsung Z3
Country: India
Version: Tizen
Changelist: 0
Build date: N/A
Product code: INS

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