Top 5 Features of the new Apple iPhone X

Apple Unveils Next Gen iPhone X

Apple some days ago took the veil off the much-expected premium device, iPhone X and it comes with some specs which you would wish to have had on the older iPhones or on your Android device.

The iPhone X comes with no physical home button which means the TouchID or fingerprint scanner which found a place under the home button was ignored but instead came with the FaceID which allows you unlock your smartphone using your face.

In case you’re in doubt of what the buzz is about the iPhone X, here are some of the distinguishing features on the 10th Anniversary smartphone from Apple.

  1. No physical Home key: The iPhone X comes packing instead of a physical home button a touch option which goes in line with an all-display design intended for the smartphone. In replacement for the physical home button, the iPhone X comes with a software-powered home slider.
  2. Animoji: This as you might have rightly guessed is an Animated emoji which brings to life all the emojis you’ve been so used to during chats. The animated emoji uses the advanced facial camera on the smartphone to map your facial muscle and in turn can be used in recording an animated emoji in real time.
  3. Apt Facial Recognition: The iPhone X comes with a secured and improved FacialID which allows users to unlock their device using a 3D imagery which is better compared to that loaded on the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8. You can register your face on the device allowing it to automatically unlock when you look at it.
  4. Display: The iPhone X comes with the sharpest display yet on an Apple device as the tech company dumped the previous displays for a colorful OLED display boasting of more than 2 million pixels.
  5. Snapchat Lenses: The iPhone X comes with better and improved Snapchat lenses or better still, the camera sensors.


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