Twitter for iPhone strikes again, this time the whole point of an LG troll is defeated

Twitter for iPhone strikes again

Oh snap! Look at that classic iPhone troll! That’s the first thing you’ll probably say when you see this LG  iPhone 6 Plus Twitter fun making. But dig deeper, it’s not what you think.

Twitter for iPhone strikes againThe tweet read, “Nos smartphones ne se plient pas, ils sont naturellement incurvés 😉 #bendgate,” citing the legendary Apple iPhone 6 Plus bending structure which has suddenly filled the web; But then somebody with an eagle eye caught the twist.

Ah, yes. The post was sent out from an iPhone by the same people who supposedly hate Apple products. The particular update was quickly deleted and retweeted via a neutral device but by then it was too late, it’s already Apple/Twitter for iPhone 1 LG Electronics 0.

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