Two unnamed Sony Xperia devices leak in Russia, likely to be first releases in 2017

With this year already going to an end as fast as the calendar flips a day, Sony is wasting no time in planning for what the next year would be like and already, we have started to get hints into some of the first, if not the first, offerings that they would be giving us next year.

This new information is courtesy of a leak coming from a Russian regulatory body where we have seen two new Sony devices get their certification and from al the look of things, these ones won’t see the market again this year.

Both of the devices that we saw were carrying a model number of Sony Xperia G3121 and G3112 and from these, we can deduce that they cannot be high ends and would be at best, mid-range smartphones while still keeping our minds open towards them being low end handsets.

While the naming on Sony’s models are not usually consistent, we really cannot make use of what we have seen to predict what smartphone it is likely to be like we would do with Samsung a lot of times but as soon as big events start to roll in, we are sure to start getting better leaks on what these new preparations are.

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