UK Version of Samsung Galaxy S7 Reportedly Powered With Weaker Processor

For the information of our readers, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge United Kingdom Version will not be built with the faster mobile processor but it will be less powerful device compared to other country built device.

UK Version of Samsung Galaxy S7 Reportedly Powered With Weaker Processor

With this information some think that UK consumers now getting a unrefined deal, but in reality processor choice does not matter.

So in the recent mobile test regarding various chips that has been released it shows that not just Snapdragon 820 gained 6,518 points compared to Exynos 8890 with a  score of 136,383 to Samsung’s 129,865, but to think even the popular Apple A9 chip that was used in 2015’s iPhone 6S is was 2,792 points ahead to Samsung used chip.

The result might be bad for Exynos, but by looking at the processing power compared to last year’s top non Apple processors, both chips lead by at least 48,000 points during the benchmarks test, this was equivalent to 60% increase in performance.

The data shows that our Smartphone’s will be faster and can process work quickly. So this means that device processing power doesn’t matter as long as user performs an intensive task like rendering video.

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