United States Forcing Apple to Unlock Dozens of iPhones

Now things getting worst for Apple, in addition to its recent fight to keep its security measures in tack in its fight with the Shooters iPhone on San Bernardino, United States government now pursuing another court order which will force Apple bypass security passcodes.

United States Forcing Apple to Unlock Dozens of iPhones

Yes you read it right! Bypass passcodes, not just one but about a dozen iPhones, this information was posted in Wall Street Reports.

Other cases do not involved terrorist acts but prosecutors are involved and sought to use the 220 old law identified as All Writs Act of 1789 that will grant access to mobile device in question.

FBI argued the only thing they want from apple is to allow them to make “guess” or unlimited entry on the passcode for San Bernardino’s iPhone, but innocuous process involves Apple performing a certain rewrite of its phone’s iOS, allowing Bureau to brute force its techniques just to crack passcode that may take years.

FBI only says that they only want to perform it on a specific iPhone, at this point, it is still not clear what are those dozen cases submitted, nor what they are asking with Apple exactly, or why Apple pushing back at them.

The FBI complained that Apple resisting demand to unlock phone in order to maintain its credibility in security or “tarnish the Apple brand,” but company says if it gives and allows FBI to access their phone with “absent of clear legal authority,” this would surely breach its consumers trust.

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