Unnamed Samsung tablet shows up on GeekBench, could be a Tab E series

Going by the recent test that we are seeing on GeekBench as concerns Samsung, the South Korean OEM have a new tablet in the works and even though we have known by now that it is uncommon for a tablet to carry flagship specs, this one would surely hold its own against all of the other similar tablets out there right now.

Coming with a model number of SM-T587P, the device is powered by a QUALCOMM snapdragon 625 chipset which carries octa cores and ice clocked at a frequency of 2.02GHz. While this could be a new version of the low end Galaxy Tab E family that was launched sometimes ago, the slate which would be having the Android 6.0.1 installed out of the box would also pack 2GB of RAM with that.

While GeekBench tests have been known to be one of the most discrete benchmark tests out there, it surely gives us a good thing to consider as regards the model number which tallies greatly with the succession that the members of the Galaxy Tab E series have taken in the past. Hopefully, we get some more information about this tablet soon enough worthy of reporting again.

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