Upcoming Google tablets plan to redefine tabs, pack high end specs


Android phones are taking over the market already and when people want something with a big screen, they would most likely even look to a phablet first before they consider the option of a tablet but it seems that Google is keen on changing this perception with the rumours of their upcoming device which they are making in conjunction with Huawei – the same company that blessed the market with the high grade Nexus 6P.

The details on this newcomer are very slim for now and what it would even be called cannot be ascertained as of now but if the first set of rumours to fly are anything to go by, then we are looking at a 7 inch offering that would have very high end features like tablets never do.

What has been plaguing tablets for years now is the fact that even though they look and feel very impressive, they have never managed to pack quite the bomb that their smaller counterparts do and if Google could make this happen with Huawei, it could define a new way in which we would start looking at tablets to come.

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