Upcoming HTC Sailfish and Marlin (the Pixels) show off in new live leaks


The iPhone 7 that we have been expecting for a very long time have finally launched and even though there were some improvements on the smartphone, you would be surprised to know that even iPhone lovers would agree that this year’s launch is not as interesting as we would have loved.

Now that we can change our focus to other things, the upcoming Pixel smartphones from HTC are circulating round the internet in new renders which shows them from different angles.

The phones show a wide variety of design blend and you would also agree with that when you look at the images well.

On the front, you would think that you are staring at an iPhone that doesn’t have the traditional home button and the flat back plus slightly curved sides on the Sailfish/ Pixel reminds us of nothing more than the HTC 10 devices.

The bigger Marlin has always been conservative and it has carried that trend into this place also, being shown in just the same basic design as the Pixel, confirming one rumour that we aired sometimes that there would be little or no difference in design.

If you look well, you would find a small G branding on the base of the back and no Nexus branding anywhere at all, further giving credibility to the news that the naming system has been dropped for good.

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