Upcoming iPhone 7 turns out in blue again, looks very dapper

For those who have been with us all along the way, from the day when we first announced that Apple is working on their next generation smartphones, to when the leaks started to come out and some pictures also started to show up on the internet, even up till the times when we started doubting how many variants of the iPhone we would see this year – two or three – we have surely come a long way.

It wouldn’t be a nice cap if we didn’t mention the amount of confusion we had to face when some people suggested that the next one to launch would rather bear iPhone 6SE than be launched under the iPhone 7 moniker, one of the sweetest has to be about the colour variants with various sources pointing out that Apple wants to make a new colour for their smartphones, and this one is even sleeker than the gold.

From earlier rumours, what we have been expecting is the Space Black colour and after a while, it leaked that there would instead or otherwise be a blue model, photos of which have stunned us so much even the Space Black would need to go take a chill beside this one.

We think that if this rumour pans out and the renders we are seeing turns out to be legit, this could be the best colour we have ever seen on the iPhone.

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