Upcoming Vivo X6 to be available in three hues

The Vivo X6, poised to be the latest device that would be released to us from the stables of Vivo, has been in the news for a while now with a couple of teasers here and there and some rumors flying around too. So far, the teasers for the Vivo X6 have been impressive and left us waiting for the launch of a super high end device while the device has also been riding on the back of some nice rumors.


Said to be coming with a 4GB of RAM and 1GB dedicated graphics processor (which by the way would make the Vivo X6 a pioneer in this regard) by TEENA (Chinese equivalent of the FCC), the device has also been said would run on deca-core Helio X20 processor and have a 21MP camera which is powered by a battery of 4000mAh.

Various teasers so far from Vivo has given us informed decisions that the device would be coming with metallic build. Now we know that the metal is even accounting for up to 98% of the total material build. Then again, another video was teased where the device was seen going faster than an iPhone 6.

Now, the smartphone company has chosen Weibo to showcase the fact that device would be coming in various colors of silver, gold and rose gold.

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