Upcoming Vivo X6 takes on the iPhone 6S with 4GB of RAM


The increased competition in the smartphone market is daily pushing manufacturers to up their ante and has necessitated the move for many manufacturers to try and go overboard with their specs and even add some nice features in the mix. This goes without saying that it is the consumers that benefit the most from this competition as our smartphones are now daily proving to be what they are -really smart.

The Vivo X6 phablet which is coming out soon is one of such highly anticipated technological pieces which has dazed us with some promised specifications already. Just recently, Vivo has left its Android counterparts and shown that the X6 can take on even the latest iPhones and win. This is being bold, if you ask me.

The Vivo X6 (allegedly) was teased in a new video alongside an iPhone 6S and with careful observation, it was seen that the X6 was able to open applications faster than the iPhone 6S could. This owes largely to the 4GB of RAM on the device.

There are also teasers to suggest that Vivo X6 would have a dedicated 1GB of graphics processor, taking the total RAM to a massive 5GB which would be the first on a smartphone.

The X6 from Vivo has also been rumored to offer us 4000mAh of battery and is expected to come in a variety of colors too.



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