US state of Iowa allows a phone app as driver’s license

In Iowa, drivers will soon begin carrying their driver’s licenses in their smartphones. This was mandated by the Iowa Department of Transportation and will shortly enter in use.

“It is basically your license on your phone,” DOT Director Paul Trombino told the audience at a meeting with Governor Terry Branstad on Monday.

“We are really moving forward on this. The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation,” Trombino said.

A preview of the smartphone driver's license.
A preview of the smartphone driver’s license.

With the new license, people may decide not to go out with their driver’s license but an app on their phone can clearly display all drivers license info to authorities when required. The app requires a PIN code for access and there will probably be a master code for authorities when they want to check a driver’s license in times of emergency.

“Having this really allows people to protect their identify” and the technology can be spread out to other type of security cards in the state, Director Paul Trombino told Governor Terry Branstad.

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