Vaporcade Jupiter: a rugged $299 Android smartphone that you can smoke

This year alone, smartphone makers have tried to outdo themselves with technological advancements that we had no idea even existed, or could exist, till they introduced these to us. With Apple’s 3D Touch Technology, Oukitel’s massive batteries, Sony’s double camera and dual screen technology, Samsung’s curved edge display and the likes, this year alone is already a success without another hardware tweak to bless technology. However, Vaporcade didn’t seem to think the same as it had launched a new and spectacular device called the “Jupiter”.

Vaporcade Jupiter (2) Vaporcade Jupiter Vaporcade Jupiter (3)

Vaporcade’s “Jupiter” is especially special because the device comes with an in-built vaporizer, modified and attached to the top of the device. Even though we would have loved to bring you more juicy specs on this device, Vaporcade is really keeping a tight lip on their Jupiter and the only news out asides from the pricing is that the device would be running Android 4.4 Kitkat version out of the box.

Although not releasing specifications, Vaporcade has asked interested customers to start dropping their pre-order requests for this device which would see you pay $299 should you be interested in the 3G variant and $499 if you would love the 4G LTE version instead.

Considering the options, Vaporcade’s Jupiter is poised to be an entry level smartphone or at best, a mid-tier device.

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