Verizon announces coming of Ellipsis 8’s successor – the Ellipsis 10


Verizon has just confirmed that they are in the works to expand their already impressive line of self made and branded devices by developing the Ellipsis 10 device which would obviously be a 10 inch device.

Verizon, which is already well respected for its work in making sure that there is a high level of respected carrier service in the United States, is looking to up their ante and increase their brand presence and awareness and hence, the introduction of the Ellipsis 8’s successor.

The Ellipsis 10 would come with a 10.1 inch screen that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, scoring a major TFT LCD display likewise. The device also packs a processing unit clocked at an operational frequency of 1.5GHz and running on quad cores. With 16GB of internal memory on board and an option to expand up till 32GB, you can be sure never to run out of memory options anytime soon.

The device would be run on a massive 9100mAh of battery that should be able to give you 25 hours of usage time. Also, the Ellipsis 10 would run the Lollipop version of Android out of the box.

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