Verizon reveals pricing and availability information for the LG V20 on its network

When it comes to the business of the LG V20, the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile have already started to accept preorders on the device and while they have been doing so for a few days already now, they have also revealed most of the specs and as well, the pricing information to us.

What was however strange was that of all that time, Verizon didn’t put the device up for preorder on their own website and instead, opted to wait till the 20th of October which is today. In all of those time likewise, they did nothing to let us know what this one would cost in the market.

Going live for preorders on the Big Red network today though, we now know how much they would be offering their own unit for and as well, what they have planned for those who would keep it on preorder.

To get one from Verizon, you would be required to pay the full price upfront or go for a contract plan which allows you pick it at a down payment of $0 followed by monthly installations of 28, spanning a total period of 24 months.

Mathematically, that means you are asked to pay a total of just $672, paling in comparison to the $769.99 and $830 offered by T-Mobile and AT&T respectively. As regards availability, it would start hitting stores in exactly a week’s time.

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