Verizon starts to roll out Marshmallow 6.0 update to its Galaxy Tab S users

It was just a little while ago when we heard that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S Slates would not be getting a bump to the Android 6 Marshmallow platform and although this casted down the moods of the users of the premium tablets for a while, their moods were fast lifted up when it was announced that otherwise is the case and they would really be getting it.

Although some have gotten theirs, especially the users of the device in an unlocked mode, Verizon has just started to roll out the update to such units of the smartphone that it has on its network and overall, the software version on this one is none other than MMB29M.T807VVRU1CPG6.

Simply put the Verizon subscribers that have this tablet would now be able to make use of features such as the Doze, Google Now on Tap and better, improved app permissions. It is worthy of note that after the update, some applications such as VZ Navigator, Amazon Music, Amazon Appstore, e-Meeting and WebEx would be removed from your slate after you have made the update.

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