Verizon would not be able to ship new Pixel orders till 2017


No one would have thought that the Pixels being made by Google would enjoy success as much as this in the market but with the early indications of there being sold out even before they started to ship, then was when Google would have known that they have done very good this time and it might actually be the tie when they start competing with other manufacturers in terms of revenue.
In light of recent news, it seems that the success of the Pixel and Pixel XL is still trailing them as Verizon is fast selling out the ones that it has on its network and Google is not even replacing them with the same speed due to the manufacturing time that they need before an effective restock can be done.

If you go online now and try to order yourself a unit of the Pixel or Pixel XL from Verizon, you would find out that you would have to wait till next year to get yourself one which is a far cry from what a company of this reputation should be able to provide.

For all those times that we asked for the smartphones to be launched worldwide and in even more countries, it can now be seen that they would not even be able to keep up with demands elsewhere.

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