Video: See Windows Phone 8.1 virtual assistant, Cortana, at work

Cortana is the new virtual assistant that came with the Windows Phone 8.1 platform. Cortana is Microsoft’s response to Siri, S Voice, Andy Google Now, and what have you.

Video See Windows Phone 8.1 virtual assistant, Cortana, at work
Watch as the new secretary of Windows Phone smartphones flaunts her intelligence as whe tries to outwit tricky challenges. The video series were arranged by Luis at Phone Arena. Thanks Luis!

“Cortana is literally the smartest mind in the whole galaxy.” – Microsoft’s subtle hint that Cortana is smarter than you.

What do you do when you see a space-man?” – Cortana tells a scholarly joke of scholarliness that illustrates the importance of proper punctuation

“Are you real?” – Cortana answers to the obvious with the more obvious.

“I am named after Cortana…” – oh, we thought you were named after Stephen Elop.

“What’s your favorite music?” – Cortana may or may not be a fan of Craftwerk.

“She’s becoming more and more personalized to me.” – Hey there, wanna’ personalize with Luis?

“Aah, I bet you say that to all your phones.” – Clearly, Cortana has come to accept her smartphone embodiment.

“She’s attractive for a circle.” – Well, it’s not like anyone’s attracted to squares…

“The big difference between Siri and Cortana is…” – Hold up, Apple and MS, we’ll have to Google that.

“So far, our conversations have been kind of one-sided.” – In reality, the two had an epic catfight.

“Cortana is different from Siri in a number of ways…” – Thankfully, the lecture is only 19 seconds long.

“Technically speaking, it’s Bill Gates. No big deal.” – Humble, just like her famous daddy.

“By the way, you have team dinner at the same time.” – Hopefully, Cortana will help with the multi-tasking.

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