Virtual Reality Pay Samsungs Future Target

Samsung’s Pay Service soon to be rolled out by the company in its entire in app purchases. The company is now looking to focus it effort in providing electronic payment service and considering catching with the popular Apple payment service in all of its app purchases.

Virtual Reality Pay Samsungs Future Target

The giant South Korean based electronics first introduced Samsung Pay last 2015, this app was an answer with Apple’s Pay service in which it allows its users to use their phones to pay for anything.

Samsung on the other hand launched its pay service in United States after its debut done in South Korea. The company’s next plan is to create product that might include loyalty rewards for those who use its service.

The said rewards might be in a form of Gift cards as a token of appreciation for those who use its service, the company believes that giving a user rewards plays an important role. We know that many people who browsed on retails sites but only few of them are paying.

For some reasons, the company is now giving a bridge for them to answer that customer need.

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