Vivo is expanding into 6 new markets

Vivo is expanding into 6 new markets

Tech company, Vivo, has officially announced that it will be expanding its services and goods into six new markets.

Coming after the success recorded by the tech company following the release of the Vivo V7+ and the Vivo X20 smartphone which has been rumored to be the official smartphone for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, the tech company revealed that it has expanded its services further.

The expansion comes after Vivo was revealed to have entered into a partnership with FIFA ahead of the 2018 World Cup event.

Vivo is expanding into 6 new markets

The tech company in its revelation revealed that it will soon land in the new six markets which include Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and some European nations to include Russia without leaving out the African market as the expansion will also spread to Morocco and Kenya.

The new countries which the tech company will be expanding to will further solidify its stand as one of the top 5 OEMs in the market coming after the tech company boasts of large market share and penetration in India, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

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