Vivo releases a new teaser for an upcoming device, touts its dual camera setup

The rumour mill was the first to tell us that Vivo is in the works over a new device and now, the company itself has confirmed that they would truly be unveiling an handset soon and even though they have failed to mention it by name, they have done well to tell us that it would surely use the dual camera technology that we have been seeing become rampant on the market these days.

If this is truly the Vivo X9 that we are seeing leak now, it seems that the company is looking to it as a worthy successor to their last X7 in the same line-up and according to other rumours, this e would have 4 camera sensors in all, featuring two on the front and another two out back.

Expected to launch on the 17th of November, there is still ample time for the company to out some more specs and that is what we would be waiting for. Likewise, the rumour mill would have more than enough days to work with and we hope that they come up with something substantial before that.

From what we have found out do far, the device would be powered by a QUALCOMM snapdragon 653 chipset and carry either 4GB or 6GB RAM which would use an internal storage space of 64GB. As for the other specs, we believe that the future has a lot in store for us.

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