Vivo X6 teased by Vivo, juicy specifications to look out for


Vivo are really trying to play the market well, and it seems their power play at heightening expectations is paying off somehow. With users, fans and media alike already expecting something said or some skin shown on an upcoming device today, Vivo probably used the buzz to introduce another smartphone that would be falling into lines already created by other smartphones in that family which would be expected to launch soon.

The Vivo X6 is the most recently teased device from Vivo and judging from the fact that the device just got its unofficial unveiling (due to pictures and some specifications getting leaked), we shouldn’t be far off from holding the very first Vivo X6 in our hands.

This device promises to be a premium and top shelf make from Vivo as it comes with a build of 6 inch in screen display, improved with Quad HD. There is a support for 4G connectivity and the device also has 32GB of internal memory. We do not know if it is user expandable for now. With 4GB of RAM powering this device in beast mode, the battery clocks at 4000mAh but we are yet to know what Android version its running on (which would most likely be the Lollipop).

The Vivo X6 would be powered by one of MediaTek’s top processors under the hood and the rear camera would carry a load of 21MP. This surely is one device to look out for.

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