Wallpapers For HTC 10 Now Available

So we are not days away before HTC will unveil its latest flagship device the HTC 10, but since the company has been silent on its coming device, the android community is now getting crazy to be the one to get one with the device.

Wallpapers For HTC 10 Now Available

In the hottest information that we manage to gather, the popular android leaker published teasing wallpaper that will be included for company’s latest flagship device the HTC 10. In my own opinion, these images are better that anything you can find on a Samsung device, so without any word to say the picture below will be one of them. So you have the change to take a peak before the actual release date of the device in the market.

As to date, there are around 13 images leaked in the online community, but as we go through it is expected that more will be released. Some of the images seem similar on its past device, but there are some images that bring in new flavor. The images size was 2880×2560 so this will be for very high device resolution displays, making it perfect for device rocking at QHD panel.

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