Wave is an iOS 8 feature that will charge your iPhone wirelessly using a microwave — it’s a lie!

iOS hoax

A new “trick” going around Twitter the world wide web which originated by some mischievous pranksters has it that you can now charge your iPhone using wireless charging by placing it inside a microwave oven.

The “latest and greatest addition to iOS 8” will work via a feature called Wave which the mischiefs say comes with iOS 8 when you update your Apple iPhone or iPad (they claim it works with all models as long as there’s iOS 8 installed).

Wave iOS 8
Wave is always activated once there is iOS 8 on the device and they say all you need to do is to place it inside a microwave oven and the battery is filled up within a minute. The battery they claim, will over-charge when you leave it there for more than five minutes.

Now listen, the so-called feature is a costly trick and you should NEVER fall for it. The waves inside a microwave oven can cause damage to your phone and will ultimately cause an explosion which might expose your health to danger and or result to a fire outbreak — don’t fall for it — or else…

Wave iOS 8 damage

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