Welcome to the Airtel Smart Store Internet bundles for Android and others

Airtel recently launched a package called Airtel Smart Store. The package brings you a lot of affordable and flexible data subscription plans for your Android smartphone and other non-BB devices.

Airtel data subscription for android
Apart from the unique browsing plan this offers, it also made it easy for Android users and other device subscribers to  buy on data on their gadgets provided they have the amount equivalent on the amount of the data Bundles!

How do you get started with Airtel Smart Store?
Just follow the instructions:

  • On your Android phone (or other phone), dail*141*16
  • When the command prompt shows up, press OK and !you will see a list of  data plans and offers
  • Click on Data Bundle and you will see a list which includes: Check Data Balance, Monthly Packs, Weekly/Daily Packs, Main menu.Here you can make your choices as regard the one you want to choose
  • If you click on the Monthly Packs you will see a drop down of the monthly pack data plan which includes * 200MB 30% bonus = N1000, * 250MB 30% Bonus =N2000, 1Gb 30% = N3000, 3Gb 30% Bonus = N5000
  • Next, now you can choose the very plan you are goings for here and the amount is charged from your credit

Enjoy! Please kindly endeavor to share your experience in the comment box below.


  1. I bought 2g for #2000 on my airtel data and I was told to buy again on a code that was brought up on Facebook. How do I reconcile this?

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