WhatsApp can now boast of 600 million active users

Whatsapp top messenger app

Whatsapp top messenger app
600 million? That’s like 8 percent of the world population and that’s the amount of active users CEO and co-founder Jan Koum says that WhatsApp have as of the time of his tweet yesterday (August 25 2014).

Back in February this year Facebook paid 19 million in US dollars to cash in on WhatsApp, an acquisition many criticized as overpriced; but hey, look… WhatsApp has x 3 number of users than Facebook Messenger app.

The new results must have put some smile on Mark Zukerberg’s face, as he and his company now has over 1 billion users using their chatting apps from time to time (WhatsApp: 600 million; Facebook Messenger: 200 million; Instagram: 200 million).

WhatsApp is still yet to optimize it’s revenue-raking capacity. The only inflow of money is the $0.99 annual renewal fee users pay for the app which some users still manage to evade by evil methods. However, since the acquisition by Facebook, expect to see new streams of revenue on WhatsApp any moment.

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